Re-Membering God's Children

Mission Statement

The God Box Foundation (TGBF) is the first Pan African Interfaith and Multi-faith organization in the world that embraces, celebrates and promotes the spiritual and religious diversity of the Pan African family. We provide a welcoming, loving, respectful and nurturing platform for the Pan African faithful to express and share the wealth of their beliefs through interfaith dialogues, charity and community service immersion on the Continent and in Diaspora.

Vision Statement

To reconcile Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora with themselves and God by uniting the Pan African world in the most intimate and sacred of ways in order to liberate ourselves from the mutual suspicion, self-hatred and the social injustices that plague the Pan African family.


Founded in 2017, the God Box Foundation is based in the United States and works in deep partnership with communities in Ghana. Our Pan African focus establishes our ability to host interfaith and multi-faith dialogues with all people of the Pan African family. Though based in US, the impact of our work can be observed across the African Diaspora and on the African Continent.

We understand Ghana to be the “Gateway to Africa”, as such, our work centers on programs, relationships, and collaborations in Ghana and radiates outward to other African countries. We’d love to consider a collaboration with you and your community. Contact our team to further explore the possibility of working together in the efforts to re-member our Pan African family.