God Box Community Service Immersion is the Love of God and ourselves with body. We do this by expressing love and giving back to those in need. Our aim is to connect with less fortunate individuals and communities both physically and spiritually in order to establish long term, meaningful relationships.

We express our solidarity by immersing ourselves in communities and spending quality time with others in their situations. By entering into the experiences of the less fortunate, we not only show our genuine love and concern but we also receive the healing, love, and other priceless attributes that accompany the process of transforming through community immersion.

We feed the homeless, provide a variety of counseling services, support teachers in classrooms, counsel pregnant teens and their children, and provide women’s wellness and education services. We support training sessions for educational health workshops, wellness and medical consulting, environmental protection and other services that strengthen local communities.

Annually, we host The God Box Thanksgiving Ceremonies. This is a time when we collaborate with different Traditional Festivities throughout Ghana, using the festival season as an opportunity to bring religion and tradition together. With the traditional leaders, royalties and local religious leaders in concert, we organize various opportunities for intentional stewardship and service to communities across Ghana.

If you would like to contribute physical items to be distributed during a community immersion experience, please go to our Donations Page to learn more and connect with a member of our team.


  • MAHLEF (Educational and Teen Pregnancy Care Center, School and Home/Orphanage)
  • Dzorwulu Special School (Developmentally Disabled)
  • Sarben Akrofrom in Kumasi (Women’s Wellness Workshops, Education
  • Trinity Academy Primary and JHS
  • El Mina Basic School
  • The God Box Recreational Center in Premprem
  • Philip Quacoo Boys school in Cape Coast