The God Box Pilgrimage is the worship of God with the soul. We do so by holding spiritual pilgrimages to Ghana, West Africa, the country considered the spiritual home of all African people. These pilgrimages give Africans around the world, specifically Africans who were taken from that region during the Atlantic Slave Trade of the 15th century, the opportunity to return to their spiritual home and experience the liberation of reconciling with their ancestral roots. By partnering with the Pan African Historical Festival (PANAFEST) and under the auspices of Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism and the African Union (A.U), these spiritual pilgrimages serve as a reconciliation and liberation ceremony between Africans and Africans of the Diaspora and prove to the world that the Pan African family is in solidarity.


To register or customize a spiritual pilgrimage to Ghana or other parts of Africa, visit You can also email our team at for support in planning your pilgrimage experience.